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Edifier S3000Pro Audiophile Active Speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless

by Edifier
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Clear Highs and Powerful Bass

The Edifier S3000Pro active speakers are the latest in our series of monitor speakers. Setting itself apart from its predecessors, the S3000Pro boasts 256 watts total RMS;put out by a 6.5” aluminium diaphragm bass unit and planar diaphragm tweeters for incredible acoustic range, clear highs and powerful bass.

Leave Tangled Wires Behind

Additionally, ditch the usual rat’s nest of wires, and maintain the clean, classy vibe of your decor. Enjoy true freedom when placing your speakers and open up a variety of new options for creating your ideal home audio setup.

True Freedom for Speaker Placement

Certified HiRes, these speakers are not only feature rich, but also connect wirelessly through bluetooth. This allows users to position the speakers anywhere within range without having to fuss with cables -- the first of its kind for an Edifier 2.0 speaker system. Bluetooth 5.0; Bluetooth 5.0 offers better power consumption, as well as greatly increased capabilities with four times the range, two times the speed, and eight times the throughput of older bluetooth versions.

KleerNet Wireless Technology

Thanks to KleerNet wireless technology, enjoy lower latency, lower bandwidth use, resistance to interference, and ultra low battery consumption compared to traditional Bluetooth speakers -- all while maintaining the same high quality audio you’ve come to expect from Edifier products.

A Wide Array of Input Options

These speakers feature multiple connections including optical, coaxial, auxiliary and balanced inputs. Additional bluetooth 5.0 capability lets you connect multiple audio sources remotely.


Two year warranty, so that you can purchase with confidence.