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AirPulse A200 Active Speaker System – Pair

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The A200 speakers combines the nature of a studio monitor with retro wood styling into an exquisite bookshelf speaker. The setup is simple and easy, interface the speakers to one another with the speaker connecting cable and associate the speaker to your sound source specifically with included cables. These speakers are sold in sets out of the crate and incorporates a remote. Upgraded from the A100, the horn stacked lace tweeter with the expansion of stage rectification enhancing recurrence reaction and an increment in sound scattering. The strip tweeter has a low opposition of 0.2 ohm permitting more power expanding the SPL among high frequencies prompting a more extensive recurrence reaction. The A200 dynamic bookshelf speaker is furnished with a 5.5-inch aluminum composite cone mid-range woofer unit. Bigger voice loops in the A200 have less power pressure and have a cooler running temperature making them fantastically solid. AirPulse's A200 is composed by Phil Jones. His specialized and tasteful designs bring beautiful audio and cabinets. The housing unit is produced using 25mm MDF and completed with a cherry wood facade. 36mm expert review sound dampening material is lined inside the cabinet to diminish undesirable tinge in your sound. Associate your Android or iPhone, computer, laptop and other devices with the accompanying connection cables. AUX, RCA, Optical and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth input utilizes version 4.0 and the aptX codec. Change the bass, treble and volume with the knobs situated on the back. The A200 is furnished with both computerized and simple sources of info.