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AirPulse A100 Hi-Res Audio Certified Active Speaker System - Pair Red

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Hi-Res Audio Certified Active Bookshelf Speaker The ideal arrangement of speakers for your first experience with Hi-Res certified speakers. The A100 speakers are a fully featured arrangement of active/powered bookshelf speakers with various computerized and simple data sources and are outfitted with a subwoofer output for appending a discretionary dynamic subwoofer to achieve the roaring lows of the discernable range. Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter This horn stacked lace tweeter is created using a thin aluminum gives a high-sensitivity, expanded recurrence. The shape itself coordinates a streamlined high-recurrence specifically to the audience limiting room reflection and prompting an unrivaled imaging of the speaker. Aluminum Cone Low-Distortion Mid-Woofer The A100 dynamic bookshelf speaker comes outfitted with a 5-inch mid-range woofer unit that is produced using an aluminum compound. While most woofers have a round copper wire in their voice coil, AirPulse's speakers utilize a predominant single layer edge wound copper clad aluminum strip. This expands proficiency and control for better bass and less distortion amid playback. Be Bold Our speakers address cutting edge sensibilities with its clean smooth edges. The A100 is available in a modern sleek black look as well as a bright and beautiful emergent red. Specialized and Esthetic Designed by Phil Jones Phil Jones' specialized and stylish designs produces a new generation of sound. Each cabinet is produced using 18mm thick high-quality MDF with a piano veneer housing. The interior is fixed with an expert sound assimilation material to lessen undesirable vibrations in your sound. Worked in Amplifier and Receiver Components The amplifier that the A100 uses is built with 2 TAS5754 Class-D speaker chipset from Texas Instrument. This part consolidates high info test rate support and high yield PWM transporter